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Contemporary Australian Home

Interior Residential

  • One time cleans: Before or after the big party, before you move your stuff into the new place, or before the next surprise visit from the in-laws, we are here for you whenever you need us. Late night disaster? Give us a ring. We got you.

  • Routine Cleans: Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, you name it. Having a routine cleaning schedule takes the stress off you and lets you focus on what really matters to you without worrying about the floors and windows. We customize a cleaning itinerary for your space and do it right, every time. Choose your favourite scents and let us come up with a customizable and flexible cleaning plan to perfectly fit your life. Long term clients receive extra added value in additional services and discounts! 

  • Deep Cleans: Spring cleans can happen any season! After a big storm, or when the first specks of mould show up, give us a call for a down and dirty clean. We us environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals that are not harmful to children or pets.

  • Real Estate Cleans: Many prospective homebuyers are looking at every little detail just looking for an imperfection. Don't give them one. Let us come and get every speck of dust and make sure every window shines and the carpets are fresh and clean.

Windows, Driveways, Gutters, Walls and Roofs

  • Window Cleaning: This view deserves a clear window. The salt in the air has a lovely aroma but is hard on windows. Routine window cleaning will protect your glass from damage and decay and give you the best view on the coast. Safety comes first and we will always prioritize working safe in all environments using modern equipment and technology to give you peace of mind and crystal clear glass to match your clean floors and kitchen.

  • Driveways, Walls and Roofs: You will be the envy of the neighbourhood with a good power wash on your driveway. Get that stone and concrete back to its original glory using high quality surface cleaning technology that wont cause a massive mess. Power washers are awesome. They can clean that fence thats going a bit green, that concrete wall that used to actually be white and a whole lot more.  Finally, roof cleaning is a valuable service that will add some curb appeal to your property while simultaneously adding years to the materials that protect your home from the elements. 

  • Painting & Plaster Repair: As a formal professional painter, Daniel can come and fix any hole, scratch or ding in your walls, doors or ceiling and then give a fresh coat of paint to bring your space to life. Looking to paint a room or maybe your deck? Give us a call for a free quote today for your next painting project to see why we are the most organized and professional home services business on the coast.

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